In this article I have to share some basic & very much crucial information about “Skin Disease”. Skin is one of the main parts which remove waste & toxic substances from the human body. Most of the waste & substances which are not useful for human body are removed in the form of sweat from the human body. When the skin is completely healthy & fine than the body should also free from waste & unuseful substances. But when the pores of the skin are not working properly than the body becomes unhealthy because sweat is not coming out through the pores & waste substances remains as it is in the body which is the main reason of various types of diseases occurred in the body. Some of the main skin diseases are as follows: Hives, Stress, Rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema, Vitiligo, Acne, Ichthyosis, & Psoriasis. These are some of the main Skin diseases.

Basic Signs of Skin Diseases: - Anyone who is suffering from any type of skin disease itching & shingles occurs on the skin in a regular manner & small yellow & red rashes also appeared on the skin of the whole body.

There are some specific reasons due to which Skin Disease occurs:-

1.    By using the clothes & other accessories used by the infected person is a basic reason of occurring skin disease in the body.

2.    One of the main reasons of skin disease is the storage of waste substances in the body.

3.    Skin disease also occurs from wearing of wet clothes or by wearing too much hot clothes.

4.    By eating too much food, not eating a balanced diet, not doing regular exercise, not taking rest, & by not sleeping well are also the reasons of occurring skin diseases.

5.    It is also causes due to climate & weather change.

6.    By not cleaning the body in a regular & well manner also causes skin disease.

7.    By taking too much mental stress or tension also causes skin diseases.

8.    Skin diseases are not hereditary type of disease but they occurred like other diseases occur in the body due to filth (uncleanliness) & faults made by human own.

9.    By consuming in an increased & regular manner of Tea, Coffee & Drugs also causes different types of skin diseases.

10.                       An insect in the stomach also causes skin diseases.

11.                       By consuming infected food also a reason of occurring skin disease in the human body.

12.                       A skin disease also occurs due to the malfunction in the digestive system & liver of the human body.

13.                       Some other types of diseases like constipation, headache & dysentery are main cause of occurring skin diseases in the human body.

Essential & very much beneficial information for the patients of Skin diseases are given below:-

·       The patient who is suffering from any type of skin disease should never include salt in their regular diet.

·       Patient should have very careful about the urine extracted by them is very much clean, sweat is coming through the pores of the body in a continuous & regular manner, Constipation is to be avoided always in occurring in the stomach & lungs should always work in a proper way.

·       Patients who are having this disease should not consume sugar, food products made by using refined process, tea & coffee always.

Hope the information provided in the article is very much beneficial in the prevention of skin diseases in human body. In my next article I would like to share the cure of skin diseases through natural methods.

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